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Hennepin County DWI Lawyer & Criminal Defense Attorney

Now more than ever, police and prosecutors are under constant scrutiny. In the age of social media, it takes no time at all for the public to find out about serious crimes that have been committed, or learn about DWI arrests. In this age of instant information, criminal charges are also expected to come immediately. Sometimes, this can cause mistakes on the part of a prosecutor or police officer. 

Cody Wright is an experienced Hennepin County DWI and criminal defense attorney. He has handled countless DWI and criminal cases in Hennepin County. He carefully evaluates every case that comes through the door, leaving no stone unturned. Cody will look at your case from all angles in order to produce the best possible results for his clients’ specific situations. In the end, a happy client is what is most important to him. 

Who We Are

Cody Wright is an attorney that has dedicated his career to DWI and criminal defense cases in Hennepin County and other Minnesota jurisdictions. Because he has focused specifically on this area of law he knows how the court system works in Hennepin County. He knows the prosecutor, the judges and the court staff. Most importantly, he knows how to prepare his clients to deal with the court system and what to do for the best results. 

What Happens Next

If you or a loved one is charged with a DWI or a criminal offense in Hennepin County, please contact Cody and schedule a free case evaluation. This meeting will give an overview of what type of charges you have, what options you have to deal with those charges, and a general understanding of the strategy for your specific case. It is also a meeting to get to know you, and for you to get to know Cody. He needs to know your specific circumstances, what is important to you in your case, and how this case will affect you. These are all important pieces to the puzzle that is your defense. It is also important that you get to know him. Cody does not just want you to hire him, he wants you to be comfortable with him. The first step in that is getting to know him. Call now and get a consultation set up today.

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Cody Wright is an experienced criminal defense attorney that is ready to help you today.