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Dakota County DWI Lawyer & Criminal Defense Attorney

These days, prosecutors and police are always under pressure from the public to charge and convict people of crimes. This is especially true in high profile cases. This is just as true in Dakota County as it is everywhere else. Because of this pressure, sometimes things are done hastily, which can lead to mistakes. In other words, this pressure can cause your rights to be violated. If you are charged with a Dakota County DWI or are in need of a Dakota County criminal defense attorney, it is imperative that you have someone with ample experience, who is not afraid to fight for you, in your corner.

Cody Wright has a lot of experience handling Dakota County DWI and criminal defense cases. Cody started his career as a student attorney in the public defender’s office in Dakota County. Through that time, he built relationships with the prosecutors, judges and court staff. These relationships have transferred over into his career in private practice, and it is invaluable. Having an experienced Dakota County DWI and criminal defense lawyer will make all the difference in your case.

Who Is Cody Wright

Cody Wright has spent his whole career representing individuals that are charged with DWI or other criminal charges. As a Dakota County criminal defense and DWI attorney, he works to make sure that your rights are not violated, and that you get the best possible outcome in your case. He will sit down with you and help you understand what your options are, without using and confusing legalese. Cody’s goal is to make the situation as painless and anxiety provoking as possible. He will take on the weight of your case so you can continue living your life.

What Comes Next

If you or a loved one is charged with a DWI or a criminal offense in Dakota County, please contact Cody and schedule your free and confidential consultation.

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