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Bloomington DWI Lawyer & Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a DWI or other criminal charge in Bloomington is very frightening. From the arrest, through to the court process, there are a lot of unknowns. There is a potential for jail time, huge fines, loss of employment, or even loss of housing. On top of all that, your rights might be violated in the process. That is why if you are dealing with a situation like this, it is imperative that you hire a Bloomington DWI and criminal defense attorney. The State might not care about your rights, but Cody Wright, an experienced Bloomington criminal defense and DWI lawyer, does.

Who We Are

Cody Wright is an experienced and aggressive Bloomington DWI and criminal defense attorney. He lives in Bloomington with his family. Because of this, he cares deeply about the community. Not only does he want the community to be safe, but he also wants to make sure that the citizens of Bloomington can rest assured that their constitutional rights are protected. Cody will review every aspect of your case to make sure that this is true. He will fight to get the best possible outcome available to you.

What Happens Next

If you or a loved one is facing a Bloomington DWI, or is in need of a Bloomington criminal defense attorney, contact Cody today to set up your free and confidential consultation. Cody will sit down with you, help make your case understandable, and give you peace of mind.

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Cody Wright is an experienced criminal defense attorney that is ready to help you today.